night sky
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An on-chain, customizable, and Generative Art NFT

🌌 Your Night Sky is your canvas

When you mint your Night Sky you can choose to customize your creation or roll for a randomly generated sky. This acts as the canvas and backdrop for your Chainellation.

🕰️ Your Timezone shapes Your Experience

Each NFT tracks what timezone it was minted in. The sun and stars will shift to reflect the time of day, and you can only interact with your Chainellation after the sun sets.

🌟 Stargaze Nightly, Reveal Your Universe

Unveil the secrets of your night sky by stargazing once a day when the sun is down whereever you are in the world. As you stargaze new stars are revealed, bringing you one step closer to discovering your hidden constellation.

🎨 Customize and Witness Evolution

Personalize your Chainellation with unique customizations of three places in your image. Watch as these elements evolve over time, reflecting the dynamic nature of the cosmos and creating a universe that's as unique as you are.

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